BibleSBC Pastorless List

These are churches that have been passed to this list as being pastorless.  The churches listed below are those that have a total enrollment of  at least 300 and/or are large enough to have a secretary. Accuracy is not guaranteed  so investigation is advised.  We pray that this is a help to pastors and churches. Please feel free to share updated information with us. 

Please Note: If a church requests "No Resumes" Please do not send them. They may be discarded, and nothing accomplished. Many churches get flooded, and others are not ready to receive them. When they notify us of a change we will post it. Thanks guys!

Remember Grieving over the loss of a leader, getting organized, deciding on qualifications, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance  and beginning a search takes time.   Most churches need at least six months to a year between pastors.  Please Remember this as you send resumes. It is the purpose of our list to honor Christ and to assist churches and pastors. 





                      Note YOUR church needs to discuss this and come up
                    with  a plan of action should this occur in your church.
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Last Update: 10/10/2020  


Praying for you and your church during this Pandemic.

Date   Church name ( location) State  SS (worship) Information as reported  Source $Data Association
7/1/2018 First-Taylors SC South Carolina 1268(1262) JR $5.2M Three Rivers
12/2/2018 Hoffmantown-Albuquerque NM New Mexico 545(719)                 Elders CBA No Rep't Central
12/19/2018 First-Clemmons NC N. Carolina 151(231)       BNG $670K PMBA
1/1/2020 Bethel-Tyler TX Texas 115(140) Facebook Only SBA No Rep't Smith   TB
2/20/2019 McElwain-Birmingham AL Alabama 143(200) RL $654K Birmingham Metro
3/16/2019 Christ-Rapid City SD South Dakota 50(100) DBC $322K Dakota At Large
3/18/2019 First-Shelby NC N. Carolina 229(281) BNG $1.08M Greater Cleveland
3/20/2019 Zoar-Baton Rouge LA Louisiana 511(485) SBJ $1.9M Baton Rouge
3/21/2019 Castlewood-Vallejo CA California 35(56) SBJ $232K Redwood Empire
3/24/2019 First-Starkville MS Mississippi 1100(1400) WS $2.8M Golden Triangle
3/25/2018 Spring Hill-Mobile AL Alabama 625(609) JTS $3.5M Mobile
3/30/2019 Bethany-Calhoun MS Mississippi 55(190) SBJ $461K Calhoun
3/31/2019 First-Bradenton FL Florida 345(625) BWA $1.25M Manatee South
4/5/2019 N.side-Indianapolis IN Indiana 138(209) SBN $676K Crossroads
4/8/2019 Fairview-Ashland KY Kentucky 300 SBN $439K Greenup
4/9/2019 First-Bolivar TN Tennessee 220(320) HBA $748K Hardeman
4/9/2019 Tri City-Conover NC N. Carolina 112(425) SBN $1.5M Catawba Valley
4/10/2019 First-Brandenburg KY Kentucky 140(197) SBA $296K Salem
4/18/2019 First-Naples FL Florida 2949(3233) SBJ $9M Royal Palm
4/28/2019 Mulls Grove-Morganton NC N. Carolina 61(92) SBJ $168K Catawba
5/3/2019 Hope Valley-Durham NC N. Carolina 83(119)                            BNG $342K Yates
5/9/2019 First-Jacksboro TX Texas 2015 data HBA - Harvest   TB
5/12/2019 Concord-Clermont  GA Georgia 1108(1458)    GMB $2.4M Chattahoochie
5/21/2019 Odena-Sylacauga AL Alabama 96(135) NOS $339K Coosa River
5/22/2019 Cashie-Windsor NC N. Carolina 72(85) SBJ $194K Not available
6/4/2019 First-Logan OH Ohio 78(99) SVBA $135K Scioto Valley
6/5/2019 First-Medford OK Oklahoma 76(85) BMO $110K Cherokee Strip
6/9/2019 First-Nolensville TN Tennessee 45(65) NBA $220K Nashville
6/20/2019 Elizabeth-Monticello FL Florida 100(142) SBJ $309K Middle Florida
6/22/2019 Edgewood-Hopkinsville KY Kentucky 622(700)            APPS CLOSED JTS $1.2M Christian
7/1/2019 Green Acres-Warner-Robbins GA Georgia 180(200) RBA $667K Rehoboth   
7/1/2019 First-Bonham TX Texas 100(105)      Receiving resumes JTS $435K Fannin   TB
7/2/2019 First-Gonzales TX Texas 178(194)                     To Hawaii JTS $794K Gonzales  TB
7/3/2019 First-DeRidder LA Louisiana 293(310) NOS $1.3M Bessemer
7/5/2019 Camaan-Bessemer AL Alabama 319(364) NOS $873K Twin Rivers
7/8/2019 Brushy Creek-Taylors S.C. South Carolina 565(1181) JTS $3.1M Pikes Peak
7/9/2019 Vista Grande-Sandia Park NM New Mexico 60(90)     Elders SBJ $165K Dallas/Rockwall Dual
7/10/2019 Sunnyvale First-TX Texas 750(1382 JTS $3.8M Clarke
7/13/2019 Grove Hill-AL Alabama 124(136) NOS $531K Hunt  SBT
7/14/2019 Vansickle-Greenville TX Texas 230(40) SBT $521K Mallary
7/15/2019 Byne Memorial-Albany GA Georgia 270(368) NOS $945K Warren
7/16/2019 Eastwood-Bowling Green KY Kentucky 735(768) SBJ $2.37M ?
7/22/2019 First-Karnes City TX Texas 62(100) JTS $304K Gambrell  Dual
7/22/2019 Calvary-Republic MO Missouri 275(502) GBA $986K Greene
7/25/2019 First-Cornelia GA Georgia 90(150) BNG $552K Habersham
7/29/2019 N. Etowah-TN Tennessee 127(175) SBJ $508K Greene
8/3/2019 Smyrna-Chapel Hill TN Tennessee 125 SBJ $188K New Duck River
8/22/2019 First-Camarillo CA California 53(74) SBJ $247K Hebron
8/24/2019 Ridgecrest-Blanchard OK Oklahoma 60(175) GBA $204K Grady
8/26/2019 Riverside-Denver CO Colorado 327(472) JTS $1.6M~ Mile High
8/27/2019 First-Sarasota FL Florida 654 SBJ $1.9M At Large
8/28/2019 First-Petersburg AK Alaska 41(52) TBA $131K Tongass
8/29/2019 First-Bellville TX Texas 175(326) JTS $913K San Felipe  SBT
9/3/2019 Calvary-Nederland TX Texas 85 SBJ $127K GoldenTriangle  TB
9/8/2019 Gila Valley-NM New Mexico 50(58) SWBA $138K Southwestern
9/8/2019 Baltimore-Fairmont NC N. Carolina 140 SBJ $213K Robeson
9/14/2019 River Oaks-Houston TX Texas 125(130) UBA $776K Union TB
9/15/2019 Champion Forest-Houston TX Texas 5598(7000) JTS No Rep't Union SBT
9/26/2019 First-Murfreesboro TN Tennessee 81(125) BNG $208K Little River
10/1/2019 First-Salisbury MO Missouri 167(111) SJB $198K Crossroads
10/3/2019 First-Powell TN Tennessee 585 SBJ $4.8M Knox County
10/7/2019 North Fork-Roverton WV West Virginia 55(103) PHBA $193K Potomac Highland
10/10/2019 Northern Hills-Holt MO Missouri 120(294) SBJ $624K Clay-Platte
10/17/2019 First-Marianna FL Florida 186(198) CBA $659K Chipola
10/20/2019 New Hope-Aubrey TX Texas 149(230) WW $639K Denton TB
10/28/2019 Mount Carmel-Whitehouse TX Texas 107(126) SBJ $356K Smith   TB
10/31/2019 Belview-Melbourne AR Arkansas 90(150) GH $290K Rocky Bayou
11/5/2019 Nicholson-GA Georgia 60(85) SBJ $170K Sarepta
11/6/2019 Durham Memorial-N.C. N. Carolina 100 SBJ $374K Yates
11/11/2019 Austin Baptist-Austin TX Texas 710(852)~           RetiRed JTS $3.2M~ Austin  TB
11/16/2019 First-Trenton TX Texas 75(115) JTS $200K~ Fannin  SBT
11/16/2019 Lake Fork-Alba TX Texas 500(750) JTS $1.4M Harmony Dual
11/16/2019 First Southern-Kingman AZ Arizona 139(225) SBJ $375K River Valley
11/18/2019 Fellowship-Ellerbe NC N. Carolina 126(156) Facebook only SBJ $189K Pee Dee
11/19/2019 Farmville-Auburn AL Alabama 68(94) SBJ $331K Tuskegee
11/20/2019 First-Henderson KY Kentucky 448(487)          Linn retiring JTS $1.6M Green Valley
11/20/2019 Rocky Knoll-Walhalla S.C. South Carolina 128(125) SBJ $331K Beaverdam
11/21/2019 Philadelphia-Smith's Sta. AL Alabama 159(245) SBJ $427K` Russell
11/22/2019 Second-Mount Holly NC N. Carolina 107(180) SBJ $524K Greater Gaston
11/22/2019 Memorial-New Haven MO Missouri 241(293) SBJ No Rep't Franklin
11/23/2019 Trinity-Texarkana AR Arkansas 417(616) SBJ $1.55M Southwest
11/25/2019 Florence-Kentucky Kentucky 846(1219) JTS No Rep't N.ern
11/30/2019 Country& Town, MechanicsburgPennsylvania Pennyslvania 276(240) SBJ $835K Keystone
12/2/2019 Providence-Kansas City MO Missouri 99(118) JTS $249K Clay-Platte
12/2/2019 First-Jasper TX Texas 155(220) SBJ $789K Sabine Valley SBT
12/4/2019 First-Richmond KY Kentucky 747(728) SBJ $1.8M Tate's Creek
12/9/2019 Argenta-Illinois Illinois 50     Special request MR $78K Central
12/12/2019 Celebration-Montrose CO Colorado 90(170)  Elders SBJ $181K Uncompahgre
12/12/2019 First-Dover TN Tennessee 170 SBJ $252K JST
12/13/2019 Liberty-Waynesboro MS Mississippi 91(223) SBJ $409K Wayne
12/31/2019 Shiloh Terrace-Dallas TX Texas 481(460)                 Chistina to BGCT BS $1.6M Dallas/Rockwall TB
1/5/2020 Pleasant Heights-Columbia TN Tennessee 317 JTS $1.27M Columbia
1/6/2020 Parkway-Goodlettsville TN Tennessee 380 SBJ $1.19M Nashville
1/6/2020 Mount Olive, King NC N. Carolina 138(190) SBJ $330K PMBA
1/7/2020 Madison Street, Starke FL Florida 225(320) SBJ $861K New River
1/8/2020 Eastmont, Montgomery AL Alabama 669(1325) SBJ $1.6M Montgomery
1/9/2020 Southgate-Springfield  MO Missouri 296(344) CP $1.08M Greene
1/13/2020 First-Eddyville KY Kentucky 182(133) SBJ $403K Caldwell-Lyon
1/16/2020 Sterling- Fairview Heights IL Illinois 51(116) SBJ $165K Metro East
1/17/2020 Grace-Virden IL Illinois 60(85) SBJ $190K Macoupin
1/19/2020 First-Cedar Hill MO Missouri 57(99) SBJ $188K Jefferson
1/22/2020 Lawrence Dr.-Macon GA Georgia 176(270) SBJ $471K Mid State
2/3/2020 Istrouma-Baton Rouge LA Louisiana 1261(2047) JTS $5.7M Baton Rouge
2/14/2020 Airline-Henderson Kentucky 88(120) SBJ $232K Green Valley
2/23/2020 First-Cache OK Oklahoma 65(95) JI $242K Comanche-Cotton
3/3/2020 First-Effingham IL Illinois 186(284) SBJ $603K Rehoboth
3/4/2020 Hull-GA Georgia 131(172) SBA $404K Sarepta
3/4/2020 First-Dublin GA Georgia 182(400) SBJ $1.05M Laurens
3/10/2020 First-Bethalto IL Illinois 278 NOS $1.1M Gateway
3/11/2020 Edgewood-Hopkinsville KY Kentucky 589(641) SBJ $1.27M Christian
3/16/2020 First-Millington TN Tennessee 860 SBJ $3.39M Mid South
3/19/2020 Mobberly-Longview TX Texas 2119       Stone killed in crash JTS $8.3M E.TX Network   Dual
3/19/2020 First-Waterloo IL Illinois 165(172) SBJ $424K Metro East
3/23/2020 Legacy-Dallas GA Georgia 180(205) SBJ $550K Noonday
3/25/2020 First-Warner OK Oklahoma 146 SBJ $266K Muskogee
3/26/2020 First-Jamestown TN Tennessee 328 NOS $379K Riverside
3/30/2020 Immanuel-Paris TX Texas 174(226)~                        2017 Report JTS $450K~ Red River TB
4/5/2020 Forst-Black Mountain NC N. Carolina 78(110)~ www/ JTs $295K~ Buscombe
5/15/2020 First-Ft. Smith AR Arkansas 839(1161) JTS $3.58M Concord
5/20/2020 Colonial Hills-Tyler TX Texas 432(350) SBA $359K Smith   TB
5/22/2020 Spring Valley-Las Vegas Nevada 266(321) SBJ $652K Southern Nevada
5/29/2020 Trinity-Cordova TN Tennessee 283 MSBA $1.4M Mid South
5/30/2020 First-Clarksville TN Tennessee 1115 CBA $3.38M Cumberland
6/2/2020 First-Round Rock TX Texas 724(650)~       ~2015 data SI $2.0M~ Strategic Initiative
6/9/2020 First-Sealy TX Texas 85(175) DM $325K San Felipe  TB & SBT
6/10/2020 Poplar Springs Dr.-Meridian Mississippi 243(285) NOS $1.1M Lauderdale
6/15/2020 Central City-Centralia IL Illinois 55(71) SBJ #172K Kaskaskia
6/17/2020 Tabernacle=Macon GA Georgia 134(122) SBJ $436K Mid-State
6/18/2020 First-Fletcher OK Oklahoma 177(99) NOS $374K Comanche-Cotton
6/20/2020 New Palestine, Picayune MS Mississippi 190(360) JTS $561K Pearl River
6/21/2020 New Heights-Summit MS Mississippi 200(320) NOS $605K Pike
6/23/2020 First-Milan  TN Tennessee 450 SBJ $1.17M Gibson
6/23/2020 First-Branenburg KY Kentucky 117(181) SBA $270K Salem
6/23/2020 East Valdese NC N. Carolina 214(213) SBJ $631K Catawba River
6/24/2020 First-Saginaw TX Texas 398(450) DBC $1.7M Tarrant  TB
6/24/2020 First-Weddington NC N. Carolina 65(95) UBA $332K Union
6/24/2020 Dixie-Hattiesburg MS Mississippi 160(188)~       '17 data NOS $461K~ Pine Belt
6/26/2020 Chapel Hill-N.port AT Alabama 305(430) NOS 41.1M Tuscaloosa
6/28/2020 First-Salem MO Missouri 191(235) www. JTS $688K Dent
6/29/2020` First-Mascoutah IL Illinois 80(104) SBJ $278K Metro East
6/30/2020 Oramgeburg Ave., Modesto CA California 184(322), SBJ  $472K Modesto
6/30/2020 First Southern-Pomeroy OH Ohio 68(62) SBJ $194K Scoito Valley
6/30/2020 Carver Road-Griffin GA Georgia 67(175) SBJ $349K Flint River
7/1/2020 Pinwe Grove-Picayune MA Mississippi 166(200 NOS $330K Pearl River
7/2/2020 First-Bradenton FL Florida 366(543) www.firstbradenton,cin SBJ $1.08M Manatee
7/3/2020 First-Purcell Ok Oklahoma 144(228) BMO $719K Suwannee
7/5/2020 First-Pinetop AZ Arizona 59(132) GBS $188K Desert Pines
7/6/2020 Wellborn -FL Florida 100(200) www,wekkbirbbaotust,cin SBJ $388K Union
7/6/2020 First-Hobart OK Oklahoma ? Incom[plete ACP inmformation BMO ? Suwannee
7/7/2020 Westview-Swansea IL Illinois 86(110) GBS $316K Metro East
7/8/2020 Clough Pike-Cincinnati OH Ohio 170(190) SBJ $379K Concord-Kiowa
7/8/2020 N.side-Corsicana TX Texas 314(600)                 retiring CTN $1.5M Central Texas Net
7/9/2020 Belmore-San Angelo TX Texas 89(125) SBT $297K San Angelo TB
7/10/2020 Gum Springs, Siloam Springs AR Arkansas 78(113) BMO $149K Capital
7/11/2020 Warren Woods-Warren MI Michigan 128(153) GBS $305K Motor Cities
7/12/2020 Cherokee Hills-OKC Oklahoma 361(344) JTS $1.08M N.west
7/13/2020 First-Albion IL Illinois 106(123) WWW.FVCAL.ORG JTS $229K Greater Wabash
7/14/2020 Layton Hills, Layton UT Utah 97(116) GBS $223K Golden Spike
7/15/2020 First, Apache OK Oklahoma 125(159) BMO $320K Harmony-Pittsburg  SBT
7/16/2020 First-Quitman TX Texas 100(115)                                           MM $298K Caddo
7/16/2020 Redeemer-Anderson IN Indiana 55(75) SBJ $175K EastCentral
7/16/2020 First-Rio Vista TX Texas 200(106) SBJ $228K SW Metroplex
7/17/2020 First-Marshfield MO Missouri 300(315) SBJ $774K Webster
7/17/2020 Greenwell Springs-LA Louisiana 525(855) JTS $2.5M Dallas   SBT
7/18/2020 Young's Grove-Cedartown GA Georgia 105(180) www.` WS $158K Baton Rouge
7/19/2020 Burksville - KY Kentucky 86(194) GBS $231K Freedom
7/20/2020 Calvary-Winter Haven FL Florida 227(360) www,cakvartbaotustwubtergaveb,cin SBJ $941K Polk=Harlason
7/21/2020 Florida Gardens-Lake Worth FL Florida 118(298) SBJ $611K Ridge
7/22/2020 First-Marked Tree AR Arkansas 79(160) SBJ $181K Palm Beach
7/22/2020 First-Monette AR Arkansas 73(100) www. SBJ $295K~ Trinity
7/25/2020 Yellow Creek-Cumberland TN Tennessee 252(459 GBS $872K Jst Dickson
7/28/2020 Friendly-Tyler TX Texas 377(497) SBA No Rep't Smith  SBT
7/29/2020 First, Montgomery AL Alabama 2350(2150) JTS $7.3M Mt. Zion
7/30/2020 First-Camden TN Tennessee 285 CBBA $486K Montgomery
7/30/2020 Pleasant Ridge-DeFuniak Sp. Florida 76(138) SBJ $252K Carrol-Benton
8/2/2020 First-Mount Olive AL Alabama 250 SBJ 978K Walton
8/3/2020 May First Baptist, May TX Texas 86(152) CC $316K N. Jefferson
8/3/2020 First Baptist, Wellington TX Texas 131(140) CC $396K Heart of Texas  TB
8/4/2020 Bryan Street-Uucaipa CA California 150 GBS - Inland Empire
8/5/2020 First-Charlestown IN Indiana 100(130) SBJ $313) Top O Texas   TB
8/5/2020 Rolling Brook, Baytown TX Texas 646(519) SJBA $1.4M Southeastern
8/6/2020 First-Starke FL Florida 240(390) NRBA $1.04M San Jacinto TB
8/7/2020 First- Pelham GA Georgia 110(154) SBJ No Rep't Western
8/9/2020 Maplewood-Paris TN Tennessee 178 SBJ #867K Western 
8/9/2020 First-Senoia GA Georgia 110(140) SBJ $571K New River
8/10/2020 Brainerd-Chattanooga Tennessee 1972 JTS $4.8M Hamilton
8/12/2020 Locust Hill-Travelers Rest SC S. Carolina 218(377) JTS $862K Three Rivers
8/13/2020 First-Webb City MO Missouri 151(216) SBJ $256K Spring River
8/14/2020 Woodridge-Mobile AL Alabama 480(752) NOS $1.5M Mobile
8/17/2020 Enterprise-Littleton NC N. Carolina 119(198) SBJ $326K Cullom
8/24/2020 First-Ellington MO Missouri 95(130) SBJ $199K Reynolds
8/25/2020 First, Sealy, TX Texas 130(155) SBJ $314K San Felipe   Dual
8/26/2020 Cross Point-Perry GA Georgia 250(336) SBJ $1.2M Rehoboth
8/30/2020 First-Whitehouse TX Texas 377(275) SBA $724K Smith   Dual
8/31/2020 Highland-New London NC N. Carolina 113(238) SBJ $473K Shanley-Montgomery
9/2/2020 First-Early TX Texas 121(156)       Ed Ashie died JTS $468K Heart of Texas  TB
9/3/2020 First-Kenova WV W, Virginmia 620(905) SBJ $1.5M Greater Huntington
9/8/2020 Fort Johnson-Charleston SC S. Carolina 165(240 SBJ No rep't Charleston
9/9/2020 Heartland-Norfolk NE Nebraska 44(140) SBJ No rep't Heartland
9/10/2020 Second - West Helena AR Arkansas 72(165) SBJ $283K Arkansas Valley
9/10/2020 North Ten Mile-Amity PA Pennyslvania 15(110) SBJ $192K BRN Southwest
9/11/2020 Hunters Glen-Plano TX Texas 1100(1450)~ JTS $3.9M~ Collin Net  TB
9/13/2020 First-Skiatook OK Oklahoma 387(464) JTS $1.4M Washington-Osage
9/14/2020 Life Community-Owensboro Kentucky 125(187) SBJ $295K~ Daviess
9/15/2020 Sinking Creek-Johnson City Tennessee 104(110) www.sinking SBJ $224K Watauga
9/16/2020 Heritage-Monroe MI Michigan 53(109) SBJ $301K Southeastern
9/19/2020 Bosqueville-Waco TX Texas 151(98) BNG $131K Waco Region  TB
9/21/2020 Mt. Olive-Crossett AR Arkansas 85(125) BNG $295K~ Ashley
9/23/2020 Independence-Brenham TX Texas 40(80) BNG $184K Independence
9/25/2020 Cudd Memorial-Spartanvurg  S. Carolina 152(211) SBJ No Rep't Spartanburg
9/26/2020 First-Pine Castle Orlando FL Florida 141 SBJ $544K Greater Orlando
9/27/2020 Summit-Acworth GA Georgia 215(346) SBJ $993K Noonday
9/29/2020 First-Troup TX Texas 250(165) SBA $286K Smith   TB
10/4/2020 Fellowship Central-Grenwell S Louisiana 110(141) SBJ $434K Baton Rouge
10/5/2020 First-Davis OK Oklahoma 90 www,davisfbc,cin SBJ $194K Arbuckle
10/5/2020 Mays Lick KY Kentucky 69(130) SBJ $216K Bracken
10/5/2020 Thaxton VA Virginia 102(95) SBJ $203K Strawberry
Pastors Called Recently
7/24/2019 First-Vernon TX Texas 230(400) Brooks Kimmey from Waco area WS $900K Bi-Fork   TB
1/11/2020 Severns Valley-Elizabethtown  Kentucky 749(1102) Curtis Woods from state convention JTS $5.67M Severns Valley
7/30/2019 First-Galveston TX Texas 80(125) Eric Hodge from Arkansas WS No Report Galveston   Dual
10/31/2019 Steelville-IL Illinois 153(295) Matt Collins is new WS $355K Nine Mile
10/28/2019 Chatham Baptist, IL Illinois 188(184) Josh Steely is pastor WS $605K Heartland
10/21/2019 First-Brandon FL Florida 708(890) Daniel Durham is pastor WS $2.84M Tampa Bay
10/18/2019 Fishhawk-Lithia FL Florida 2500(2200) Daniel Butson is pastor WS $3.35M Tampa Bay
10/2/2019 Woodlawn-Crestview FL Florida 358(432) Jason Allen is new OBA $1.2M Okloosa
9/22/2019 First-Hartwell GA Georgia 215(215) Stuart Lang came in June WS $782K Hebron
9/20/2019 New Bethel-Norwood OH Ohio 157(125) Ben Wilson is new WS $197K Ohio Valley
9/19/2019 N. Shelby-Birmingham AL Alabama 369(394) Mike Meadows is pastor SBJ $1.88M Shelby
9/11/2019 Walker-Walker LA Louisiana 216(350) Jason McNaukghten is pastor WS $790K Eastern
9/8/2019 Hopeful-Lake City FL Florida 197(575) Billy Young is pastor JTS $888K N. Florida
9/6/2019 First-Seymour TN Tennessee 327 Corey Cain is pastor SCBA $887K Sevier Co.
9/1/2019 University Heights-Springfield Missouri 192~ Nolan Porter is pastor BNG $547K~ Greene
8/28/2019 Kathleen-Lakeland FL Florida 269(260) Mike Heath is pastor WS $858K South Florida
8/28/2019 Immanuel-Pace FL Florida 421(547) Jeremy Holley is pastor WS $1.2M Santa Rosa
8/26/2019 First-Arab AL Alabama 252(300) David Kizziah is new WS $504K Marshall
8/19/2019 First-St. Mary's GA Georgia 185(250) Sam Quick is pastor WS $348K Southeast
8/18/2019 Calvary-Shelbyville TN Tennessee 237 Tony Thibodeaux is pastror WS $381K New River
7/9/2019 Monument Hill-Monument CO Colorado 107(211) Nedimyer is pastor WS $530K Central
6/9/2019 Calvary-Scottsboro AL Alabama 178(185) Matt Helms is pastor WS $510K Tennessee River
6/7/2019 First-Stuttgart AR Arkansas 148(241) Sam Roberts is pastor WS $895K Centennial
9/13/2020 Waterloo Road-Edmond OK Oklahoma 550(591) Heath Tucker from Skiatook JTS $1.4M Capital
6/2/2019 Connection Point-Raytown MO Missouri 1739(1202) Brian Stone is pastor WS $5.5M Tucker
6/5/2019 First-High Springs FL Florida 276(403) Greg Watlermire is pastor WS $928K Blue River -KC
4/11/2019 First-Middleburg FL Florida 1404 Chris Bonts is pastor WS $3.29M N. Central




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What Happens If A Pastor Gets Sick or Retires?


Like other people, pastors grow old or get sick and can’t continue their careers.  Back in 1918, Southern Baptists saw  this and set up the “Relief and Annuity Board.”   It is now known as GuideStone, one of the best retirement systems available.  They also insure church properties at competitive rates..


Churches can start a retirement fund for their pastor or staff member for as little as $51 a month, and some disability and life insurance is included.   When a church invests 10% of a pastor or staff member’s salary, the person can retire with dignity, not having to beg for part-time work in order to live.


Sadly, a lot of churches never address this issue, and pastors do not mention it because they don’t want to be seen as greedy. Contact GuideStone for help with this. 888-984-8433.